More than 150 museums and almost 500 collectors already registered don’t seem to be enough yet to affirm that will keep growing so fast also when, possibly next year, registration to the web site won’t be for free any longer. Nevertheless, the idea of creating a reliable platform to connect museums’s curators and collectors is undoubtedly a very good one.

The founding members, including Joanne Goldring-Cohen, Ibrahim Taher, and Bernadine Bröcker have exactly responded to a need of the art system. A single database collecting a large amount of artworks available to be exhibited represents for museums’ curators an extraordinary source of inspiration, and an option that no generation of curators had before. From our point of view, this project embodies a significant step forward in the relation between form and information, thus drawing museums more and more out of time and style boundaries.

Vastari is of course aware of the problems in terms of the privacy of the users. Curators are double checked by the site’s team before being registered, collectors can’t see each other’s collection, and the info regarding artworks are given only under permission of the owner. Meaningfully the site, that is still in beta version, is not giving any name of collector or institution already registered.

Furthermore, last December it was announced that Vastari is among the twelve early-stage start ups selected by Microsoft for its Global Accelerator Programme, a 12-week period including mentoring, technical assistance and access to resources that support cloud, mobile or gaming products or services – the companies will also get access to three years of free software and support.

So, once you have read the “Memories of a poor collector”, register yourself and enjoy the site!