Industry experts, collectors, and technologists will unite at Somerset house to discuss the future of the UK art market in less than two weeks.

As Vastari is not involved in trading art, you might be surprised to find us amongst the supporters of this event.

Or perhaps you are excited to be there but are struggling to wrap your head around the concept of an unconference.

Either way here is what to expect from the event:

Where: Somerset House

When: 13/11/19, 2-7pm

What is an Unconference: An unconference is a collaborative, crowd-sourced event focused on involving all attendees in proactive debate.

**Why is Vastari supporting the event: **

Sharing knowledge it is at the core of what we do both by facilitating exhibition collaborations and with our research activity

Democratising access to culture is our end goal, and it doesn’t get much more democratic than an unconference

Though we don’t sell art, we closely work with collectors, gallerists and dealers to help bring the art market closer to the public sector and it is vital for us to ensure we can collaboratively plan for a better future

As we are data experts and data driven in all our initiatives, our CEO Bernadine Brocker was on the Steering Committee for the Future of the Art Market report, which will be published in conjunction with the conference

What to expect:

There will be no formal presentations or seminars to listen to, so come ready to participate in lively debates and have your say.

The crowd will include industry experts, collectors, artists, journalists, consultants, policy makers and technologists.

If there is a topic that you are particularly interested in tackling, you can spearhead the conversation and interested attendees will join you to share their thoughts and experiences.

We hope to see you there!