The newest addition to our London team, Balint Ferenczy, joined 6 weeks ago. He is the person who will be working with our private collectors to unlock all of the possibilities the Vastari tools provide. 

In his first weeks at Vastari, he has already assisted in numerous connections between collectors and museums for exhibition loans, from works of art to masterpieces of design. He is also working non-stop to improve the product so that it is more user-friendly and accessible to all. You might have spotted him already at the Art Business Conference, at the Christie’s Alumni Conference, at Frieze or on stage at Art Market Budapest last week.

We look forward to seeing what other magic he will help happen!

And we are confident that Balint has the skills to really propel the Collections product. Working across departments at Sotheby’s he gained a lot of knowledge on the secondary market, having come from a more primary market background working at a Hungarian gallery. He also sits on the board of the Jozsef Pecsi Photography Grant. 

If you would like to ask Balint about Vastari Collections, or find out more about what museums are looking for, please contact him on