In the recent Finances Behind Collecting Report it was found that:

  • The majority of collector respondents have less than half of their collections on display, with 75% of art collections over $10 million in storage.
  • Storage of objects can be quite expensive and, unsurprisingly, the costs increase as the overall insurance value of the collection increases.
  • Collectors have expressed their interest in lending to museums as an attempt to minimise their costs of storage.

What is the value of having these treasures hidden away if putting them on display would be beneficial for collectors, museums and the public alike? And how accessible are they to museums who would like to exhibit them?


Lindsay Dewar - Author of the Finances Behind Collecting Report. Lindsay Dewar is a seasoned veteran of data analysis for the art world, conducting private art research, market analysis and contributing to ArtTactic’s flagship publications.

Ben Clark - Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gurr Johns International. Ben has 20 years’ global art market experience of building and managing art collections across multiple disciplines and regions and is a trusted partner and close advisor to a number of international entrepreneurs and families.

Annika Erikson - CEO and founder of Articheck. Annika founded Articheck in 2013 to help industry professionals streamline their approach to condition reporting.

Paul Beatson - Senior Technical and Project Advisor at Crown Fine Art. Crown Fine Art is an art logistics company that includes fine art transportation, installation, storage.

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The Vastari Reports have been compiled with the participation of over 300 private collectors, museums and other industry professionals located across over fifty countries. This webinar series will be breaking down and reviewing key findings from the new Reports on Collecting data compiled by Vastari in 2019.

The Global Trends Report uncovers key developments amongst Vastari’s global collectors looking at their age, demographics, motivations, and relationships with museums, artists and suppliers. The second Finances Behind Collecting Report examines how budgets are allocated to owning, developing and managing a collection.

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