Only four months after their pitch wooed investors at the Microsoft Ventures demo day, Vastari continues to impress both the art and tech world with their success, having created an online exhibition connection platform to facilitate the interaction between private collectors and museum curators for the temporary exhibition of leading works of art.

Curators registered on Vastari can now obtain access to almost one million pieces of art from around the world held by a wide variety of collectors. Likewise, collectors can connect with over 250 museum professionals including five of the top ten museums globally. So far Vastari has established successful connections running until 2020 for exhibition loans between Netherlands and Brazil, Poland and the UK, China and Italy with the USA to name but a few. These successful connections have been the basis for the development of a new platform called Vastari Travelling Exhibition Network or VTEN.

"As we built our relationship with museums, we found out that many times due to budget constraints and a lack of resources, museums are unable to curate their own exhibitions and instead look for 'ready-made' exhibitions for their venues" says Bernadine Brocker, CEO of Vastari. "We quickly came to realise that there was a real need globally for institutions to share their exhibitions with each other in a timely and efficient format".

Vastari also discovered that there is a high demand from collectors to present their whole collections as an exhibition rather than on a piece-by-piece basis.  As a result VTEN will allow collectors to showcase their collections as a whole and pose them to museum curators as an exhibition.

After six months of research, Vastari is ready to present the first version of VTEN at the ICEE conference in Helsinki this month and at the Museumvereniging Conference in The Netherlands in October.  Although Vastari will officially launch the platform in early 2015, it has already signed up several leading institutions as subscribers to the system who are eager to begin using it. Charles A. Shepard III, executive director of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana notes, "Vastari's introduction of TEN, which facilitates the exchange of travelling exhibitions, empowers an exponentially higher degree of institutional connectivity than that of any museum attempting to secure or share exhibitions on their own. No curator's rolodex can begin to compete with the resources offered by TEN".

Those interested in VTEN who would like to be involved in its first version before its official launch in 2015, should visit ten vastari website. Collectors who believe their collection could be exhibited as a whole exhibition should register on Vastari Official website and contact their personal advisor from the Vastari team.