The Association of Academic Museums and Galleries (AAMG) was created to lead a national effort in the US to ensure the best practices for academic museums, galleries and collections through its educational and advocacy efforts.

There are currently 241 members of the AAMG from Universities and Colleges around the US such as Stanford University, Williams College and Columbia University. Additionally, there are 26 Corporate Members who help to promote best practices.

Vastari is pleased to attend and sponsor the annual AAMG conference which will be held at the University of Minnesota from June 27-30. The conference, which includes roundtable discussions with topics such as, “Campus Connections: In the Galleries and Beyond” and “Positioning Cultural Heritage Collections for Success” will help academics share learnings and ideas in order to support growth within their organizations.

Vastari has seen a growth in the market for exhibitions as well as private collector loans at university art galleries or museums. These institutions have a focus on academic research and engagement with visitors that is very compatible with the goals of private collectors looking to share objects that are currently in storage.

Bernadine Brocker, Vastari’s CEO and Co-founder who is attending, says, “Sponsorship of the AAMG conference is a great way to help promote and support University and College Museums in the United States as well as to create further awareness of Vastari and our services in the United States.”

“We’d also love to see more collaborations between our European exhibition producers and American university or college museums. Additionally, some of the private American collectors who’ve signed up to Vastari are very interested in loaning art from their collections to these institutions. There are so many opportunities for growth here, it will be exciting to see what happens.”

Vastari’s focus at the conference will be to connect with these institutions and make sure that they are aware that our service is free for museums.Vastari will make sure that these galleries understand that they can learn more about the industry through the Vastari reports, find touring exhibitions that are available for travel, or connect with collectors. This will be a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded users.

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