As September creeps upon us, we’d like to introduce you to Vastari’s Summer Guest Bloggers. This wonderful group of girls have given us thought-provoking articles as well as photographs of the most interesting happenings in the art world these past three months. 

Now it is time to learn a bit more about them…


Born and bred in London, but I like to think I fit in with Vastari’s brand of multiculturalism! I’m French and German, fluent in French but still working on the German…

Having just graduated with a History of Art degree from Cambridge, I’m happy to be back in a big city with a thriving, living art world. At Cambridge I specialised in academic art on the one hand, including 18th century British painting, and Imperial Russian painting, while pursuing the hugely rich 20th century through Surrealism and Postmodern movements on the other. I wrote a dissertation on Egon Schiele but through a postructuralist lens, using the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze to uncover how the Austrian Expressionist’s work has lasting power to this day.

But I promise not to bore readers with the pretentiously niche and overcomplicated as suggested above..!

My interests in the arts are not limited to the visual. I am a classical and jazz singer but am interested in a broad range of styles. I just came back from Beijing where I had a go at their notoriously popular brand of karaoke, definitely worth the trip!

Read some of my pieces:

Do You Want to See the Fantastically Rare, Winged Goat-Dear? Or the Extremely Venomous 12- Legged Snake? Or the Semi- Human Centaur Gorilla?!

The Hayward Gallery Presents ‘The Human Factor’


I am originally from Chile, but had a truly international upbringing having lived in Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, Italy, Egypt and Mexico. This lifestyle gave me the unique opportunity to meet people, experience cultures and develop into an observant, curious individual… and to fall in love with the chaotic, big city life. This is probably why I moved to London, out of all cities, 3 years ago to pursue my BA in Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design. It is a city that has provided me with the tools and opportunities to develop in the area that I love: the arts.

While I study a design degree, I am completely absorbed by contemporary art theory, specifically from Latin America.

I consider art to be a big aspect of my life, but I thrive on the little things as well: morning runs, food, yoga, memorable conversations, sunny days, nice wine, nice people and chocolate… just to name a few :)

Read some of my pieces:

Discover South American Abstraction at the Royal Academy of Arts

Furniture Design from the 21st Century: A Critical Survey Presented by the Geffrye Museum.


I grew up in the south of England but moved to London four years ago to study art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art, and now I cannot imagine ever leaving the city!

I have just graduated from the Courtauld’s MA programme, where I specialised in twentieth-century avant-garde art – particularly surrealism – and completed a thesis on the literary undercurrent of Balthus’ pen and ink drawings from the 1930s, and the convergences between these and certain texts by Antonin Artaud and Georges Bataille.

My love of art is matched only by my love of literature, especially nouveaux romans; but I also enjoy: the theatre, travelling, cooking, sewing, swimming, yoga, tennis and craft beer.

Read some of my pieces:

Victoria and Albert Museum Curator’s Talk: French Art Pottery

Digital Revolution at the Barbican


​Bulgarian born who has traded Sofia in for London.

I am about to embark on my final year at Durham University studying Sociology and History of Art. I intend on conducting my third year dissertation on the topic area of The Sociology of Art. A branch of sociology concerned with the social worlds of art and aesthetics. In particular I intend explore the question of whether the majority encounters art in life. This is the idea that regardless of the popularization of art in our society today, we as a society are unable to construct rapport towards art, restraining us in conclusion to understanding it. So naturally I am counting down the days to kick starting this..  

Whilst at Durham I have had the opportunity to focus and develop my interest of the visual arts in Russia with specific emphasis placed upon Constructivism and Soviet Social Realisim. Popular favourites I know.. My Russian affair at Durham has also included attempting to master the language. Attempting being the key word in the previous statement.

I also have other interests, I promise. I was once an extra for an advert and have also walked in a college fashion show, so I also consider myself as an aspiring model/actress.

Read some of my pieces:

Marina Abramovic Tried to Take Me To Bed. 512 Hours at the Serpentine. 

Kenneth Clark: Looking for Civilisation