On October 6th I participated in a panel at the ANNY Best of Fest in New York City that featured diverse perspectives from the world of art and technology, including the artist Clayton Calvert; Founder & CEO, ArtBinder, Alexandra Chemla; and Growth Manager of Eazel, Angie Phrasavath.

The discussion began with Clayton screening a stunning video of London, Paris and Rome which was created using a drone. This work, filmed in 2014, was an early example of how drone technology can be used to create art.

The conversation then moved to examine how technology is also disrupting the art business. In 2010 Alexandra, the founder of ArtBinder, was quick to realize how the newly launched iPad could be used by galleries to better showcase and inventory art. Rather than printing voluminous catalogues that are quickly outdated, ArtBinder allows gallery employees the opportunity to easily and accurately display art that is available for purchase to potential clients. Galleries were so happy for this innovative solution to costly printing that they quickly adopted the technology.

After Alexandra, my fellow panelist Angie spoke about how Eazel allows for easier access to gallery inventory by using 3D video to help view gallery exhibitions remotely. This technology enables accessibility to new markets and means that the exhibitions can be easily shared and catalogued by galleries.

I then explained how Vastari helps to make exhibitions better by connecting art from private collections with museum curators who are trying to source art for exhibitions. I also mentioned that Vastari brings transparency to the exhibition industry by publishing research and managing a centralized database of exhibitions.

The discussion moved to in-person connections versus technology. Most panelists thought that, even with amazing new technology, in-person connections are still essential, especially in the art world. I mentioned that, at Vastari, we fully believe that technology and personal relationships should work together. Even with our cutting edge technology and data, interacting with people directly is still of utmost importance. Vastari has found success not only from our research and technology but also from our account managers who speak directly with museum curators and attend museum conferences in order to make the best introductions for our clients. In fact, we just released a description of these in-person, offline services that is now on our website.

Finally, it was noted by all panelists that we all need to work together to advocate the adoption of technology in the art world. Our team is grateful for being asked to speak and look forward to the next event, which will be the Appraisers Association Conference in NYC on November 9th and 10th!