From host venues to exhibition producers, insurance and shipping, global study reveals trends on partnerships and deals

  • 55,000‐80,000 museums worldwide
  • 140,000 exhibitions annually
  • $180 billion worth of insured exhibits
  • $57,000 average cost of show

A new detailed study, the "Vastari Exhibition Finance Report – Market Size Analysis", values the global museum exhibitions market at $5.9 billion, equivalent to almost 10% of the entire global art market. The report builds on the Exhibition Finance Report released in October, showing that this vast area of activity covers around 140,000 exhibitions a year, with an average cost of $57,000 per show excluding shipping and insurance, yet has received scant attention as a commercial sector until now. The Exhibition Finance Report itself has also been updated, and now includes new findings on how budgets are segmented between Art and Science exhibitions, differences between institutional approaches in the EU and North America, issues concerning insurance and a number of market trends.

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