"A New Museums Report Reveals the (Perhaps Lopsided) Calculations Behind Hosting Traveling Exhibitions"
Vastari, an exhibition-making organization, has released some research into what museums want.

Tim Schneider, October 23, 2018

For data enthusiasts in the art industry, the proliferation of market reports and auction analytics seems to nudge us further into a golden age every day. Although the vast majority of this quant revolution has so far taken place on the for-profit side of the business, one innovative startup is now expanding museum professionals’ understanding of their field with a slew of never-before-seen institutional data. Exhibition-matchmaking platform Vastari launched its “Global Report” and “Exhibition Finance Report” during Frieze week, and the findings just might be able to help museums adapt their strategies to our turbulent times.

Vastari, a subscription-based forum connecting institutions seeking shows with entities offering them, believes its research fills a vacuum in the museum sector. Its conjoined studies—the “Exhibition Finance” report is essentially a more granular, robust version of the “Global Report”—compile responses from 500 museums around the world to explore many of the seldom-discussed realities facing public and private institutions in 2018. Subjects range from exhibition budgeting to programming strategy to regional preferences, all tied to Vastari’s specialty: traveling shows.

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