This week we have launched a TOTAL redesign of our website, making it easier for you to navigate through our many offerings for the Arts, Culture, Exhibition & Technology sector!

On our new site, you are now able to quickly and clearly browse all the solutions we offer to figure out which Vastari membership is right for you:

  • Looking to promote your cultural objects to institutions? Check out our Vastari Collections page.
  • Looking to promote your exhibitions to hosting venues?  Check out our Vastari Exhibitions page.
  • Are you an organisation looking to discover exhibition content for your programming? Check out our page on all the content you can discover.
  • Want to stay up to date with everything happening within the industry? Check out our free Vastari Insights membership.

For both new and existing users, the Vastari experience just got even better - with flexible new membership options and a raft of new features.

Get a taste of some of the great content discoverable on our global platform.

Objects discoverable on the Vastari portal
Exhibitions discoverable on the Vastari portal

✨ New Free membership: Vastari Insights

We wanted to find a way to further engage people across the Arts, Culture, Exhibitions and Technology sector. Democratising this industry is what we do. Our free Vastari Insights membership is for people in the industry who want to be a part of the Vastari community but might not (yet) fit into any of our other membership categories. With ‘Insights’ you get exclusive access to webinar and report content previously only available to paying users; as well as invitations to all future webinar conversations!

We have a fantastic pipeline of topical news and content exclusive to the Vastari platform - use this membership to stay up to date on all the latest industry Insights.

✨ New memberships for promoting objects AND exhibitions: Vastari 360

Our new Vastari 360 membership gives you the ability to promote ALL your content without having to purchase two separate memberships. In addition, Vastari recognises that museums have a large quantity of objects and exhibitions available for loan, but may not have the quantity of funds needed to promote this content to other institutions, especially after recent closures. Therefore we are pleased to be able to offer a reduced price 360 exclusively available to non-profit institutions looking to promote their content.

✨ Pay for a monthly or yearly subscription

We know that the global pandemic has affected every single person in one way or another financially. We also understand that an annual membership might not be accessible to everyone wanting to promote their exhibition content to organisations. This is why we are now offering flexible payment opportunities for every one of our paid memberships. You can now pay either monthly or annually and begin immediately promoting your objects or exhibitions to organisations looking to enhance their exhibition program.

✨ New consultancy opportunities

Since our incorporation in 2012, Vastari has helped with hundreds of organisations, public and private. Want to work with the Vastari community in a way that differs from our membership opportunities? Check out our brand new Consultancy page to understand just some of the ways you can benefit from our bespoke assistance.

Our Consultancy services include but are not limited to:

  • Webinar & Roundtable Partnership or Sponsorship
  • Venue Matching & Content Promotion
  • Object or Content Search & Introductions
  • Exhibition Feasibility Reports
  • Curatorial Proposals
  • Asset Digitisation

We hope that the new Vastari will open up your mind to the world of possibilities within the Arts, Culture, Exhibition & Technology sector while helping fulfil all your needs. Browse the whole site now at