In our series of monthly conversations, we sit down with our members to get to know more about their collection and journey to using Vastari.

This month we chatted to our long-time collaborators and Vastari clients The Art Partners, an art facilitating company for a new generation of collectors founded by friends Anastasia Petrovskaia and Maria Korolevskaya, to get to know more about their unique company, favourtite artists, and thoughts on the Vastari platform. Read our conversation below, or discover more about The Art Partners here.

Vastari (V) : How did you start your company?
Art Partners (AP) : Three years ago we had a conversation on how it is difficult to find a company that provides assistance to all types of art collectors. The decision was a very organic step for us because we were both working in the art industry, and we wanted to create something that would also be needed and appreciated by young collectors – a private concierge who helps navigate the art world and takes control of all aspects of collection management. Managing art travels, fairs, plans for studio visits, shipping and storage, and following new trends... all of this depends on one’s specific needs! We offer a service that is truly bespoke, provided by experts who help you not only buy, but also manage your art collection.

(V): What is the focus and key differentiator in The Art Partners compared to other art advisories?
(AP): We’re very close to the concept of ‘family office’ because we have consistent and long-term relationships with clients. In addition to basic consulting activities, we offer complementary services that range from collection ‘keeping’ to sourcing the best deals for shipping, storage, and insurance, as well as assisting with museum loans. With some of our clients, we focus purely on collection management and its strategy.

Our main concept was to create an integrated office for international collectors who were on different levels of collecting, ranging from the emerging to more established ones. We help to shape their tastes through tours to galleries, museums, fairs and artist studios. It’s very exciting to see someone discover a whole new world and develop his/her vision of a future collection. Quite often it leads to consistent interaction with the art market because collecting contemporary art can become a life-long, fascinating and, most important, rewarding journey. We always emphasize that by patronizing living artists our clients are endorsing the art world on a larger scale.

(V): What is your favourite type of art? Do you have an artist that always impresses you?
(AP): We both take endless inspiration from Modern Art, however, our preferences are more cutting-edge. If we could name a few, then peers like Daniel- Crew Chubb, Tschabalala Self, Sarah Crowner, Donna Huanca and Ad Minoliti are incredibly talented artists for example.

Our passion for contemporary art even led us in 2017 to open the artist residency, ‘Untapped,’ which is held in Rapallo, (Italy), and Limassol, (Cyprus). At the moment we invite international artists at early stage of their career with whom we really have a connection and have known for some time. Mike Ballard and Erik Olson became first residents last year and we had a very positive experience. We find it very inspiring to be surrounded by living artists and to be able to support their practice here and now.

(V): You have a very international client base with very diverse tastes in art. How do you keep track of all the different trends in the industry?
(AP): Each of our clients has a specific area of interest and we focus on it. In addition to being aware of general trends, we are in touch with various art specialists who are experts in their fields and always able to provide valuable information and an update. We also do research trips and constantly learn something new. Our curiosity is the biggest motivator.

(V): You are very active on social media but also attend many of the most prestigious events - do you feel that the future of the art world is online?
(AP): Internet and new technology have accelerated the art industry during the last decade. Despite this, it’s impossible to replace the experience of seeing art in real life. Social media has had a major impact on artists, galleries and all major players. Art blogging is also very popular and we’re happy to share memorable art experiences with our audience. But it’s important to keep a balance between offline and online.

(V): What made you decide to join Vastari? What do you think your collectors expect from the service?
(AP): It’s a very innovative and exciting initiative, and we’re happy to be a part of it. We love the idea behind Vastari – it supports new collaborations between collectors and museums, and provides more choices. It also overlaps with our values, allowing for access to the international museum base and an opportunity to include artworks from our client’s collections into exhibitions. Clients sometimes expect immediate feedback, but working with public institutions takes time and patience, which is understandable.