London.- is a new service launched to connect private collectors with museum professionals to facilitate exhibition loans. Since launching in January 2013, the website has received an overwhelmingly positive response from curators at major museums worldwide, distinguished collectors and from the international press. as a result of this enthusiasm, after only a few months, Vastari can already boast about successful transatlantic collector-museum collaborations.

Currently, collectors lend pieces to museums in order to raise the profile of the work of art. However, the introducer is usually someone with a commercial interest in the value add of this process. provides the user-friendly interface for collectors to gain targeted exposure to museum curators, without revealing their details to the market or to third parties.

Registered object details are shared only with museum professionals from accredited non-profit institutions verified by the Vastari team. These museums organise hundreds of exhibitions a year and are on the lookout for available works to include in their upcoming shows. Via Vastari, they can search for collectors’ objects online early in the planning stages.

Vastari registered museums are looking for a wide variety of works, from the famous to the niche, with focuses ranging from fine arts to natural history. In addition to a strong network of european and american collectors and curators, Vastari caters to include those in emerging markets in asia and the middle east who may be less acquainted with the exhibition loan process.

Proactive collectors on Vastari can reach out to the museums directly, responding to calls for entries for forthcoming exhibitions by sending a photo of the object to the curators directly for consideration. “Currently, collectors have to communicate with curators via the market, and so deal with an annoying grapevine of forwarding letters. the whole process could be much more efficient, and a lot more discreet,” says Bernadine Bröcker, founder and managing director of Vastari. “Our goal is to help collectors share their works with the public and create interesting new links, without ‘burning’ the piece to the market and without the unnecessary headaches.”

Confidentiality is key. offers the impartial, independent environment necessary for collectors interested in the cultural value of their collection who would otherwise be reluctant to share their works with the art market. The registration of the collector’s art, antiques, memorabilia, antiquities or design is anonymous by default and objects from the same collection will not be linked to each other in search results. The website, including all correspondence, is SSL-encrypted and hosted on top-security 24/7 managed servers, adhering to standards used by the health and finance sectors. moreover, the site does not store any personal details about any private or institutional members. “As Vastari’s institutional members have access to the objects registered to our system, our quality management team personally verifies the identity of each and every curator from the moment they sign up. we also monitor the credibility of every member,” states Bernadine, “whether they are private or institutional, based on their activity on the website.” though the administrators do not vet the works for authenticity, users are able to report any inappropriate activity to the team. A private collector in The Netherlands described his enthusiasm for Vastari: “I do not want to sell my collection, so I keep it private. But if there were an exhibition being planned, I want my works to be involved. i want to share these beautiful items with the world.” The first international Vastari connections have already occurred between collectors and museums for exhibitions in the next four years. Registered members come from the United Kingdom but also from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Worldwide partnerships have allowed Vastari to corner the niche that is exhibition research.

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