This week, Vastari was selected as one of the companies on the Mayor of London’s “Go to Grow” International Business Programme, and was invited to City Hall for an inaugural presentation about what’s in store the coming 12 months.

It is a huge honour to be selected as one of London’s most promising scale-ups, but something that London & Partners’ CEO Laura Citron said during her introduction really resonated with me.

She called all the companies that had been selected “Ambassadors for London” - and it struck a chord as I am truly am proud to be a part of one. This city has as much to do with the foundation of our company as Francesca and I did.

Danish newspaper Borsen interviewed me last week about the state of London after the B-word and whether we considered moving our operations elsewhere. Of course, the day of the vote we felt devastated and confused, as a company of mainly Europeans based in Britain.

We did look around, I cannot lie. But nothing compares to the energy that London currently has to offer. The way that everything has been structured within the city to support innovation for startups is second to none. The networks that are here to be exploited, the events that happen every evening and the support from corporates and entrepreneurs is so inspiring.

Where else could I meet seasoned industry experts at a livery dinner in the City of London, discover masterpieces at a private exhibition opening on Bond Street, meet impact investors at a charity auction and then visit some of the best museums in the world for free? Where else could I visit the buzz of Lloyd’s one minute and have drinks in a space dedicated to AR/VR like Microsoft’s Reactor the next?

In times of uncertainty, who knows what the future has planned for us. But today in 2018 I am proud to ring the bell for this multi-cultural, vibrant and inspiring city that has helped such an innovative company like Vastari come to be.

Cover image courtesy Jennifer Moyes Photography