A website called Vastari from London wants to be “a new platform to revolutionize collecting and curating.”

Museums around the world organise thousands of exhibitions a year and Vastari’s interface and networking tools make it easier for these museums to communicate with the private sector directly. Vastari connects registered collectors and curators with two different search engines: “one database of exhibition proposals for collectors to browse, and a search engine of objects for museums to consider for said exhibition proposals.”

Collectors can upload pictures of their exhibition-worthy art to a secure site, if the works possess “ a concrete provenance” and is “owned indisputably by you.”

“This way, the collector benefits from targeted contact with cultural institutions, whereas the institution profits from broader curatorial choices in the private sector.”

The service is free for 6 months now, but there will be an annual charge.

The site also offers:
- Maximum level security, equivalent to the security in banks/financial institutions
- Messaging system between collectors and museums
- Featured articles about collecting and curating