To Survive on This Shore, a collaboration between Jess Dugan, photographer, and Vanessa Fabbre, social worker and assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis researching the intersection of LGBTQ issues and ageing. For over five years, Dugan and Fabbre sought subjects throughout the United States whose experiences exist within the complex intersections of gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic class and geographic location. The exhibition includes twenty-two photographs, each paired with text illuminating the stories of those photographed.

The exhibition and catalogue provide a nuanced view into the struggles and joys of growing older as a transgender person and offer a poignant reflection on what it means to live authentically despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

In this webinar, we talk to producer Barrett Barrera Projects and photographer Jess Dugan about the nuances of touring this show and the potential educational programming surrounding it.

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