In July, many Vastari members attended the Touring Exhibitions Meeting (TEM) 2017, held at the Olympic Park in Munich. SC Exhibitions team who curated the event, agreed on sharing some insights on the event for those of you who missed it.

TEM is a conference dedicated entirely to touring exhibitions, and exists to bring together people from across the touring exhibitions world. Networking is a major aspect of TEM and this year it was attended by over 170 delegates from 29 countries, who were welcomed with a relaxed atmosphere and engaging events.

“This year, as with previous editions, we filled the programme with time for networking, workshops and talks from special guests (as well as a great dinner party” explains the director Christoph Scholz. The first day began with the conference partner Museum Hack – who lead tours of some of the world's greatest museums – breaking the ice with a workshop designed to get delegates interacting (including a game similar to speed dating). They also performed a song inspired by TEM and introduced a conference-long scavenger hunt.

Later that afternoon, there was one of TEM's most popular events: the infamous Flea Market. During this event, delegates each had three minutes to present their exhibitions or venues to the room. It was a quick and entertaining way of finding out who does what, where, and featured everything from dinosaurs and Genghis Khan, to Tutankhamun and Lego. Finally, the day ended with a fabulous party at our latest show "Magic City – The Art of the Street" – there was street art, music, a visit from Spider-Man and even break dancing.

On the second day of the conference, Tazeen Ahmad, founder of Humanity's Heart, took to the stage to talk about technology in the Refugee Crisis. She spoke about how mobile phones are enabling people to keep connected, the Refugee Aid App, and how 3D printing allows prosthetic limbs are created. She also showed films, including "Humanity Rising in the Refugee Crisis," and discussed various initiatives set up to help refugees, including the project "Recycle Beirut."

Museum Hack then led another workshop, explaining "How to Hack Anything, Museum Hack Style," focusing on how they use games to make the tour experience participatory and social, as well as their work developing a scavenger hunt for Bloomingdales – hacking the shopping experience for millennials – and developing training for staff at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York all about the hotel's rich history.

Later, in the Open Forum, Christoph Scholz took remarks, comments and questions from delegates about the touring exhibitions industry and the future of TEM. And finally, to close the conference, graphic novelist Hannah Berry spoke about her new work "Livestock" and the current state of journalism, before signing copies of the book for delegates.

SC Exhibitions is proud of having created TEM as a biennial conference at the intersection of the major international conferences such as ASTC or ECSITE, and hopes to see the delegates list grow further every year!