We're excited to launch The Exhibition Connection, a Vastari podcast for those that want practical, actionable advice from leading voices in the touring exhibitions industry.

Say you have an excellent idea for a touring exhibition. Let's also assume that you have managed to secure some of the funding for your idea and you have the technical know-how and staff to help you develop it. How would you start turning this idea into reality? Over the past two years, I have spoken to hundreds of organisations with the potential to develop and deliver stunning touring exhibition. I've learned that many of these institutions are overwhelmed by the idea of touring an exhibition and lack easily accessible resources to help them turn their ideas into reality.

With so many variables to consider in creating and promoting a collaborative exhibition project, it's no wonder that most organisations feel like it's tricky to start touring. On the other hand, experienced organisations in touring exhibitions are inaccessible for advice or insights save for a few occasions per year when newcomers to the scene have the opportunity to meet them at industry conferences. These established players with entrenched client bases run into a similar problem themselves: they have little opportunities to communicate with each other and learn best practices if it weren't for a few professional networks and yearly conferences.

Over 8500 hosting venues and producers trust us for our neutral stance in the industry, as an enabler and accelerator for travelling exhibitions. By talking to hosts and content owners alike, we learned a tremendous amount of information about touring exhibitions.

We thought some of this information is too precious to keep to ourselves; this is how our podcast, The Exhibition Connection came to be - a podcast series where guests impart their knowledge to newcomers and veterans alike.

Over the course of five episodes, I will be hosting interviews with top organisations and key professionals in the touring exhibitions industry: Antonio Rodriguez, Chairman of the Board at ICOM International Committee for Exhibitions Exchange, Charles A. Shepard III, President, CEO and Chief Curator of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Amanda Shepard, Vice President & COO of the the same institution, Neil McConnon, Head of International Enterprises at Barbican Centre, London, Tim Pethick and Hillary Spencer, CEO and Director respectively of Nomad Exhibitions, and Chris Harris, Head of Exhibition Production and Touring at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

Collectively my guests hold decades of experience in travelling exhibitions - they make touring sound easy and natural! These short and focused interviews are meant to demystify the practice and hopefully inspire you to get started yourselves. And if you've been doing this for a while, I hope your peers' practices come as a pleasant insight to you.

The first episode will launch in the coming days with a new episode released every Monday. If you would a link to each episode as soon as it is live, enter your email address here and we'll make sure to send you an email with the link.

If you want to impart some of your experience in travelling exhibitions to our audience and would like to be featured in a future series, please propose yourself and a topic for discussion at phil@vastari.com.

Thanks for listening!