As the contemporary art world gathers in Miami, one wonders what magical items will be on display this year. The French Filmmaker Laure Provoust won the Turner Prize last night, but competing for the title were a satirical cartoonist, a painter and a performance artist. 

In honour of the yearly events in Miami, we have published an article on collecting conceptual art. The interview takes place in Italy, but provides insight on many global drivers of ‘art after Duchamp’ - what some would perhaps call post-modernism.

The beauty of collecting contemporary art, be it as ephemeral as a Christo installation in a Neapolitan manor or solid as a Richard Serra sculpture, is that what is now 'new’ will one day define us as we look back. Provoust’s work, considered a complex narrative that is revolutionary now, will in 10 years turn into something that is part of the 'history of art’ rather than the present.

Who would think that the artists revolutionising art in the 90s, taking risks, irreverent to the lasting results, would now be selling for extremely high prices, with grand exhibitions of their work on display in the major institutions worldwide.

We must keep reinventing, keep thinking, both to find new perspectives and to fill this ever-continuous contemporary art calendar worldwide. The 'oracle’ (as Merlino so aptly calls this) must keep us on our toes. One then wonders, what interesting things will they come up with next?