Asia is the focus of attention of the whole art world. Fast growing economies, new fortunes, changing legislations in the Far and Middle East all influence the art ecosystem in Europe and America. Whatever happens there will soon affect all of us.

It is difficult to make judgments on the new phenomena from our local perspective. Multiple queries Vastari received from collectors and curators alike inspired the company to organise a panel discussion regarding three hot topics to coincide with Asian Art in London.

The Rise of Private Museums in China

Lifting of Sanctions on Export of Art from Iran

Mutual Vision: 400 Years of Artistic Exchange between Japan & the West


These three slightly controversial subjects will be discussed with the support of a panel of professional speakers.

Philip Dodd, Sylvain Levy and Lori Luo will be analysing the trend of private museums mushrooming around China in the recent years. We hope their thoughts will shed a light on this cultural boom and what it means to the European institutions.


Soheila Sokhanvari Hoochie Coochie Man 3, 2014  Crude oil, 22ct Gold, Egg tempera on calf vellum, 40 x 33 cm

Janet Rady, Daniel McClean and Soheila Sokhanvari will give us a dealer’s, a lawyer’s and an artist’s overview on the legal and practical implications of lifting sanctions on export of art from Iran and the Gulf area.

Inspired by the exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum, we once again go back to the 400 anniversary of contact between Japan and the West to look at the way the Western artists viewed the Japanese people, and vice versa: how the Japanese saw the foreigners arriving at their doorstep during the Edo period.

The discussion will continue into the way the Japanese see themselves until the present day. Curator Aleksandra Görlich and contemporary woodblock print artist Paul Binnie will help us understand the subject from the artistic, historical and anthropological point of view with insightful questions from Marta Olszewska, the head of Asian Art for Vastari.


Hasekura Tsunenaga in Rome. Claude Deruet, oil on canvas, 1615.

Asian Art in London is one of the most important events of this kind in the world. The audience will include both dealers and businessmen as well as collectors and scholars and to provide an interesting platform to exchange thoughts on those pressing subjects in a friendly relaxed manner.

The event will be a great occasion to ask questions and voice opinions alongside the authorities in the field. Held at Asia House, New Cavendish Street, the symposium will precede opening gala party of the Asian Art in London, this year held at the British Museum, only a short walking distance from the event venue. 

Event Details:

30th October 2014

4PM, with refreshments at 6PM.

Asia House, New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP

For more information or to RSVP:

+44 (0)20 7723 3079 |