In the recent Vastari Finances Behind Collecting Report collector survey respondents acknowledged the impact their collections could have on the environment but were unsure as to how they could make a difference or change their behaviour.

In fact, 62% of respondents with collections valued at over $10,000,000 say they consider the environmental implications of their collection, with a significant proportion of people citing the packing and shipping of their collections being an area contributing to environmental waste.

In this webinar the panellists discuss the ways in which the art market can begin to create long term sustainable solutions. Crown Fine Art and Ki Culture share information about the ways they are leading sustainable change in the cultural industry. Then, two artists from different parts of the world explain the ways they have been using their practices to raise awareness of the climate crisis.  


Ann Beavis - Head of Sustainability at Crown Fine Art, a logistical solutions company innovating new ways to bring sustainability to the art storage industry.

Caitlin Southwick - Founder and Executive Director of Ki Culture, a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting sustainability and cultural heritage.

Zigi Ben-Haim - American-Israeli painter and sculptor based in New York City whose work addresses the current state of environmental affairs and humanity's place in the universe.

Miriam Calzada - Photographer and environmental activist from the Dominican Republic. Her selection of subjects forces us to rethink the nature of elements that happen in our daily life without any consequences.

This episode of Vastari Connects is a part of a new webinar series that is discussing industry trends and insights discovered in our Reports on Collecting.

The Vastari Reports have been compiled with the participation of over 300 private collectors, museums and other industry professionals located across over fifty countries. This webinar series will be breaking down and reviewing key findings from the new Reports on Collecting data compiled by Vastari in 2019.

The Global Trends Report uncovers key developments amongst Vastari’s global collectors looking at their age, demographics, motivations, and relationships with museums, artists and suppliers. The second Finances Behind Collecting Report examines how budgets are allocated to owning, developing and managing a collection.

These events have been generously sponsored by Crown Fine Art, a logistical solutions company providing a global service that spans fine art transportation, installation, storage and everything in between.

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