We Are Museums, a conference recently attended by Vastari in Warsaw gave the attendees a preview of what the future of museums might look like.

Usage of new technologies, apps and social media, exciting new projects and ways to engage audience was the main focus of talks and workshops. Mar Dixon and Janusz Barwik explained how to use Twitter and Instagram to promote a museum, insisting the institution behind the account should show character and a human face.


Mar Dixon, Andrew Lewis (V&A) and Silvia Filippini- Fantoni (IMA)

One of the most impressive and heart-warming ideas was presented by Elise Albenque from the Palace of Versailles. The project presented was treating the visitors as the extension of the museum and encouraged them to upload their old family photos from Versailles to the website, creating a sense of continuity and community around this wonderful site.  image

Elise Albenque from the Palace of Versailles presenting the new project.


Agathe Lichtensztejn from Paris on Museum Selfies