When is it time to start thinking about a website redesign, and why is it important for your business?

Why a company should consider a website redesign

Does your website simply look outdated? That's not necessarily enough of a reason for a redesign.

If the website is hitting its goals, then you have to be very careful with every change you make. In this case, start doing small design improvements and testing the results instead of completely changing the structure and design.

The time for a complete redesign arrives when the website is not hitting its goals or is not reflecting the current marketing strategy. In this case, you have to start with a simple, yet complex question - Why? The answer to this question is really simple: talk to your users/customers!

Of course, the methods for gathering pieces of information that help you find the right answer are more complex, but you have to remember - always talk to users. And combine these interviews with quantitative research methods.

Why is Vastari redesigning its website?

On our current website, the message isn’t clear. People don’t understand what we do and how our platform works. To clarify these objections we decided to change the architecture of Vastari.com so visitors can immediately understand what we do.

How did we find out that visitors don’t understand our products and solutions? We spoke to the people we work with: collectors, exhibition producers, hosting venues and institutions, and showed them our website. After the many conversations we had with them, it was definitely clear: there was a lot of work to be done.

As we spoke with our actual (and potential) customers, we set up several tools for measuring the activity of our visitors on the website. It supplied us with data we then used in later phases of the designing process. When we combined the pieces of information we gathered from interviews and looked at the data, there was a huge overlap.

Gathering ideas for redesign and looking at the data

Content is King, But Design is Queen.

Many designers are focusing only on design in the visual sense but they should focus on content first. The first step for any designer is to define the type of content that is needed for every part of the website. They must have the knowledge about best practices in web design and human psychology.

This content must then be tested and measured. The ideal combination is when the designer works closely with a data-driven marketing strategy, so they both can combine their skills to create something beautiful and effective.

What result can be expected from redesigning your company website?

As you probably know after reading all the above, the purpose of redesigning a website is not to make a designer or business owner feel better about pretty graphics. It is about content and messaging changes increasing conversion rate and usability.

Don’t forget to set up goals for your next website and when you do, make sure don’t forget to review them on regular basis. Once you start validating the data, you will probably find out what works and what doesn’t. And that is a great thing, right? Tracking how every change impacts your visitor's experience makes it more manageable. By starting to improve the website in small chunks at a time, it will save you a lot of money and will make sure, that the website is constantly improving.

How will the new website benefit Vastari?

Thanks to extensive research with our users and partners we managed to get a much clearer vision of what our customers need - which is the most important thing for us. For the new website, planned for release in early Q2 2018, we aim to achieve a website which is not only optimized to be much more user friendly, but also create a lasting relationship between ourselves and our audience.