Have you ever thought about the responsibility that private collections can take to support equality, diversity and inclusion in museums?

When you purchase works directly from artists who are women, part of minority groups or disabled, or through organisations that support these causes, you can change the future for museums!

Today is International Museum Day and we would like to invite you to reflect about how unequal and exclusive the art & culture world is today. And we are very happy to share with you some of the fantastic charities that fully support social causes if you are interested in changing your social behaviour as a collector or as an institution.

Art Represent: empowering displaced and conflict-affected artists to drive positive change in the world. Some have been affected by violent conflict directly; others are migrants/refugees from communities struggling to achieve positive peace.

"When you talk about these things [issues of patriarchy in Iran], people say, 'What a foul-mouth!' but when you paint them, fusing some happy red and some hot yellow, they laugh and say, 'Good Job!'" - Ali Chitsaz, Artist, Art Represent.

"The wedding of the paedophile Mullah" (c) Ali Chitsaz

ArtBox: registered charity and social enterprise that runs art workshops, trips, exhibitions and sales opportunities for people with learning disabilities and autism. “Through our work, we aim to improve the wellbeing and inclusion of people with learning disabilities and autism, while increasing their visibility in the community and raising the profile of their artwork in the wider art world” (Artbox website).

“I feel I have full potential and many opportunities when I see people like and buy my art. I feel like an international artist and I call myself an artist.” — Hisba, artist, Artbox

"Butterfly" (c) Hisba

We would also like to invite you to check the spectacular work of Nicholas Kontaxis, a 23-year-old who was born with an extensive brain tumor that has resulted in him suffering over 50,000 seizures throughout his life. Nicholas works are available for loans on Vastari Collections and his show is available on Vastari Exhibitions!

"Go Backstage" (c) Nicholas Kontaxis

As a museum, when you borrow from a collection that cares about equality and inclusion, you are also changing the future by promoting important issues in the world today and raising awareness of inequalities that exist. If you are a non-profit organisation, you can register for free on Vastari and have access to thousands of objects available for loans.

Happy International Museum Day!