By Paola Perrin

POLIN, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews situated in Warsaw, has been running an initiative called ‘The Museum on Wheels’ for two years now. A travelling exhibition touring Poland, its mission is to preserve and promote awareness about Poland’s Jewish heritage: visiting towns with up to 50,000 residents, it recovers the histories of Jewish communities all around the country.

Central to POLIN’s travelling museum is a dynamic interaction with the local audiences through technology, educational events including screenings, lectures and concerts, and activities for younger visitors such as dreidel games or learning to write their names in Hebrew. The programs surrounding the travelling exhibition are organised in collaboration with local educators and partners.


The Museum on Wheels project is not a uniform travelling exhibition: it adapts to each place it visits, creating a more personal experience for the town’s inhabitants. Encountering an interactive map of their home that traces its Jewish history, the residents are offered a deeper understanding of Poland’s Jewish heritage.

Over the past two years, the Museum on Wheels project has travelled to 47 towns, inviting 55.000 Poles to rediscover the diverse facets of their country’s history. Through this fresh encounter with a place so familiar to them, the visitors are drawn closer to their identity.

The Museum on Wheels initiative is proof of the great cultural and educative benefits that accompany travelling exhibitions for both local communities and  larger publics. 


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Photography credit : Alicja Szulc.