Pan Art Connections was formed in 2010 and offers ready-to-exhibit, high profile, single-source collections from which museums can select to exhibit in their own venue.

Pan Art's Challenge
Pan Art Connections was looking to implement a model where their content would reach their desired target audience. They wanted a solution where they would no longer have to practice a mass marketing strategy or as Nicholas T. Kondoprias, the founding partner of Pan Art Connections put it, “it was just like throwing out a missile in the air and hoping that all these people would see it.”

“it was just like throwing out a missile in the air and hoping that all these people would see it”

In order to achieve the best method to address this challenge, Pan Art Connections saw the need to utilise Vastari, which allows for a much more targetted strategy.

Vastari's Solution
In December 2014, Pan Art Connections came across Vastari Exhibitions.

Vastari Exhibitions matches exhibition producers with venues that are looking to host. This was really beneficial for Pan Art Connections, as the main challenge they were facing was reaching an audience that was specifically looking for content. In an interview with Nicholas, he explained that “a lot of times you contact people and their approach was that either they weren’t looking [for content], they have their own collection, or they were booked for the next 3-4 years - but the people that are specifically on Vastari are looking around with the mission of ‘we need to secure content for our institution’.This is much more targeted.”

Once Pan Art Connections decided to try Vastari, they published their collection on the platform, with all appropriate museums and institutions on the platform being automatically notified. Using Vastari, Pan Art Connections had the freedom to upload and customise information on their exhibitions including logistics, hiring fee, description, climate requirement and availability dates. The search for hosting venues for their collections started within Europe and then expanded to the United States of America, and recently to China.

Pan Art's Results
Pan Art Connections started seeing results quite promptly as they were very responsive and constantly involved at every step of the process. Nicholas said that their confidence in Vastari did not only stem from the focused business-to-business model implemented but also from the “high level of service from all the people involved and Vastari’s ability to reach a truly global audience.” He went on to explain that there has been a prominent increase in revenue since registering to the Vastari Exhibitions Platform.

They have been involved in quite a few projects that specifically came through Vastari’s database. The projects they are working on presently include a series of exhibitions in China and a series of exhibitions in Scandinavia utilising multiple collections. He expanded on the project in China, explaining that “there is no other way that it can be interpreted - it was a Vastari Exhibitions Member in the system who stumbled across one of our collections who then contacted us and said let’s talk.” Pan Art Connections have also secured partnerships and hosting venues for their collections, Toulouse Lautrec and Roy Lichtenstein, through the Vastari database in Italy (2016, 2017, 2018), Spain (2018) and the United States of America (2020).

For more information on how Vastari can help with your exhibition programme, please feel free to contact Vastari's Community Manager, Cristina Gianetto or schedule a meeting with her.