Yesterday Microsoft Ventures London accelerator cohorttook to the stage to showcase their businesses in front of some of the UK’s top VCs, investors, press and the wider startup community.

The event was the first full complement to pass through the London accelerator program, although there was a pilot scheme last year culminating in a demo day in December.

In celebration, Microsoft Ventures took the chance to announce a new deal with Level39 that will see it take up residence at the FinTech accelerator, and Level39's startups get access to Microsoft execs for guidance and advice in use of technology, enterprise sales, finance and product development.

So here are our favorite startups that pitched on the day:

When you hear that a company is trying to disrupt the art and curation world, you might raise your eyebrows. But stick with it, as that’s exactly what Vastari wants to do.

Of course, it’s not the first platform to try and bring together owners of art and museums that want to put on specific shows, but it claims to be one of the only ones to connect its users to each other.

Founded in 2012, the global database of privately owned works is only accessible by vetted non-profit museums and organizations, thereby ensuring the security and privacy of the artwork-owning members of the platform.

Right now, the company says there are more than 150 museums in the system, and more than 400,000 individual works of art.

To date, the company has raised £250,000 – and has already had an acquisition offer.