Vastari — the online platform connecting collectors to museums for exhibition loans, is to launch a new service called Vastari Travelling Exhibition Network (VTEN) at this month’s ICEE conference in Helsinki.

“As we built our relationship with museums, we found out that many times due to budget constraints and a lack of resources, museums are unable to curate their own exhibitions and instead look for ‘ready-made’ exhibitions for their venues,” says Bernadine Brocker, CEO of Vastari. “We quickly came to realise that there was a real need globally for institutions to share their exhibitions with each other in a timely and efficient format.”

The platform will also offer a service through which collectors can offer their entire collection to be displayed as an exhibition, rather than on a piece-by-piece basis.

“Vastari’s introduction of TEN, which facilitates the exchange of travelling exhibitions, empowers an exponentially higher degree of institutional connectivity than that of any museum attempting to secure or share exhibitions on their own,” says Charles A. Shepard III, Executive Director of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana.