Learn about how virtual reality is currently being used to display and host content, either at a physical venue or digitally in this webinar hosted by Vastari in August 2020.

The panelists provided attendees with a more comprehensive understanding of how their organisation can provide additional value to their clients and stakeholders through this innovative medium.

Each panelist shared their experience of having been working with virtual reality to develop new business models:

  • Gazelli Art House explained how they, as a commercial gallery, have been working directly with artists to help sell works to collectors
  • Diversion Cinema as a VR space creator dove into how they have been working with multi-player on-site experiences and also a new model they are exploring called “VR To Go”, which will rent out headsets allowing individuals to have the experiences at home
  • The National Gallery gave their perspective on how a non profit institution can commission VR works for promotional and corporate sponsorship purposes
  • Vastari moderated the discussion. Our online marketplace provides a platform for museums and other organisations to connect with VR content providers

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