In the Art Newspaper's "Year Ahead" various interesting openings were highlighted:

Re-Openings and Extensions:

The British Museum is opening its World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre

The Wellcome Collection is opening a redevelopment with a new thematic gallery to accommodate the extra visitors 

Harvard Art Museums has expanded and renovated its premises, due to open in the Autumn

The Hermitage in Russia will be opening Fabergé Rooms in its restored east wing.

The Mauritshuis in The Hague will this summer open an extension for exhibitions, doubling the surface area of the museum


The Aspen Art Museum is opening a new 33,000 sq ft building designed by a Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban.

The Louis Vuitton Foundation will open the museum designed by Frank Gehry in west Paris this spring.

The 120,000 sq ft Broad will open in Grand Avenue, Los Avenues later this year.