Vastari has recently gone through an exciting period of growth - the past 12 months have seen an increase in new sign-ups, active users and brand awareness and a result of this was the decision to expand the team with two new hires; myself (Head of Marketing) and Lukas (UX Designer).

The timing of us both being hired and starting on the same day was not a coincidence - we both have very similar goals for Vastari and have to combine our skills and knowledge to make a big impact very quickly. We had to hit the ground running; working on the small details like redesigning email signatures, through to developing long term projects such as a complete redesign of the website and building marketing funnels which better educate our audience about Vastari.

The relationship between Marketing and UX Design is far too often overlooked, but when the two are combined the result can have a dramatic impact on a business and the experience of its customers.

The ability to better serve our users requires a deep understanding of their needs, and that important insight can only be gained through research. The first 30 days for myself and Lukas has been spent trying to better understand exactly who our users are (and could be) by travelling across London to speak with existing users to hear what they like (and most importantly, don’t like!) about Vastari.

We set out with the mindset of ‘never assume - ask, test, ask, test’. Whilst we do have clear goals in mind for Vastari, to reach those goals we first have to focus on helping our users accomplish theirs. Always asking questions; How do our users feel about our homepage? What information do they require? What imagery or information is preventing them from progressing?

Marketing and UX Design were often thought of as being opposites, but they are extremely powerful assets to a company if combined appropriately. Myself and Lukas work very well together; we’re both data-driven and share a passion for understanding user behavior and increasing user experience.

The goal of UX is to create value for the customer, whilst the goal of marketing is to create value for the business. Only when both are combined with an analytical mindset will we create a more enjoyable experience for our users, whilst ensuring we can scale the business as we plan to in 2018.