Over the past the past few months, Vastari has been on a quest to discover the similarities between museums around the world. You can read more on the methodology and research of our project here. After several weeks of reaching out to institutions, we are now at a point where over 250 institutions from around the world have contributed to our survey. The aim of this article is to identify three primary benefits of contributing towards this survey from an institutions perspective. A report detailing interesting findings will be sent to contributors of the survey once 500 institutions have participated. We believe that contributing towards global research will further our goal of creating a more transparent operating environment between professionals within the museum and exhibition community.

Firstly, understanding similarities (or even differences) between institutions that are in close proximity to your institution could benefit the abundance of content sent to your museum. From a local viewpoint, if there is an identical themed museum in the same state but different city, there is the possibility of working on similar exhibition or creating a partnership. Whereas, from a global perspective, institutions in different states or countries that have similar themes and specifications could find ways to bring exclusive exhibitions to their areas. Our aim at Vastari is to further these connections between institutions on a local and global level.

Secondly, this data will contribute towards interesting findings. For example, what is the predominant theme of institutions in Florida? Or what are the top three factors that museums choose a certain exhibition over another? Through understanding the intricacies of hundreds then eventually thousands of institutions from around the world, Vastari can help create a transparent environment where the knowledge between our community can truly flourish.

Lastly, contributing and receiving the results from the preliminary stage of the survey is an ideal way to understand more about the global museum community. However, the full extent of our research is truly maximized by being part of the Vastari community. Once registered you will have access to hundreds of different exhibitions and collections; along with over 1100 museums and 6000 museum professionals. In relation to our research, you will be able to receive quarterly updates of future reports and findings. The best part is that it is FREE for any institution to register to the platform.

In the short-run, the mission is to produce a valuable preliminary report. However, our ultimate goal, is to create a more connected community between museums around the world. The world is currently experiencing an accelerated pace of change and creating a stronger network is increasingly beneficial. Our long-term goal is only possible through the museum community’s willingness to contribute towards the accessibility and transparency of information between museums. So if you have not contributed to the institution report, do so now and be part of a new museum collective.