What an honour to be one of the panelists of the premiere launch of the Luxury Venture Group in Zurich on the 18th October!

The Luxury Venture Group is an incubator, accelerator and venture capital platform to scout, select, accelerate and invest in startups from the Luxury and related sectors, includingArt & Culture, Design, Fashion & Accessories,Travel, Media & Lifestyle.

The event focussed on how new luxury startups can help to shape the future of luxury through innovation, digitalization, sustainability, and entrepreneurship,, and I was particularly proud to be part of the panel “New Luxury: Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship".

It is always extremely interesting to discuss the crossroad of Luxury and Technology and to understand how conservative and slow-paced industries can benefit from new technologies. Together on stage with Joel Kremer, from The Kremer Museum and Moyosa, Thierry Hoeltgen from Lanéva Boat and Carlos Belsué from Armillion, we shared our journeys as startups, mentioning our main challenges and key lessons that led us where we are today.

It was very important to conclude together that anyone interested in investing in a startup in our sector needs to have a clear understanding of the long-term mission of the company. These startups are likely to scale slowly due to the nature of the industries they operate in,and it is crucial to manage investors’ expectations around this, as well as defining goals both short and long term goals.

Thank you Luxury Venture Group for providing us the opportunity to discuss lots of peculiarities of the luxury industry. I wish you a brilliant future ahead!