The Whitworth, in partnership with Vastari, has entered into the emerging world of NFTs to test alternative models of financing social art practice. Together we have created the first UK museum-accredited NFT. The NFT (an edition of 50 with 2 museum proofs) will be selling on 28 July for 999 Tez on Hicetnunc. The NFT will be exhibited at the Whitworth at an exhibition in 2023.

At a time of great economic and social instability, this project explores the potentials of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and museum collections to test new ways of diverting private capital into social funds. For more information visit:

This webinar explores:

  • What inspired this project.
  • The important things other cultural institutions should be taking into consideration if they are thinking about minting NFTs.
  • What has and hasn't worked well in the NFT project experience thus far.
  • Potential pitfalls museums should think about surrounding NFTs.
  • Trends in the NFT space that fellow museums should look out for that could open up new opportunities for those looking to work with NFTs.

The Ancient of Days NFT is still available for sale!

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