Blick auf das Bild “Mystische Geburt” von Sandro Botticelli © Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin / Achim Kleuker

What does your typical work day look like?

Since I am head of research and exhibitions at Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, my typical work day consists of a lot of communication: meetings, emails, and phone calls. Curating exhibitions is a rare exception for me nowadays (but I still do it, see Q 2).

What exhibition are you currently working on?

The Art of Alchemy, a joint exhibition project together with the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles.

Name 3 or 4 works that you would like to group in an exhibition one day?

There are too many.

How do you personally measure the success of an exhibition?

To captivate the visitors – i.e. visitor satisfaction, duration of stay and, of course, attendance figures. Positive academic feedback is also welcome.

What is the most innovative museum [or project, or art organisation, or exhibition, or museum professional] that you came across in the last 12 months?

The set design of a concert by Sufjan Stevens.

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