Vastari conducted a survey with its museum members, and we received 40 responses. The results of our survey were pretty interesting, and worth sharing with the community.

Firstly, among our respondents, touring exhibitions is a largely adopted activity: 77.5% of venues engage in touring their exhibitions, with 40% hosting exhibitions by others as well as taking their own content on the road. Only 10% solely host.


Above all else, 80% of hosts would like to have a PDF document to review when considering an exhibition.

Interestingly, when considering a show, the least important consideration for the venues who responded to our survey is who produced the exhibition, or who the curator was. They find it much more important to know what objects are included. That resonates with Vastari’s mission (“what’s what, rather than who’s who”)

In regards to marketing, museums really would like to know whether there is an available press kit for an exhibition with 25% saying it was the most important aspect of marketing information, more than the exhibition programming, video content or previous marketing budgets.

100% of respondents feel that it is important to know when making a decision whether the copyright of images is included in the fee, but they were split in half when asked whether they feel it is important for the exhibition to be available in their language (50% vs 50%).

Overall, it was very interesting to conduct this survey and discover what museums think of when planning their shows. But it also uncovered many issues we still need to discover, especially looking at partnership models (rather than turn-key exhibitions as we have here). If you happen to have thoughts on this, please do reach out to our team and we’d love to hear from you.

It also seems that 12.5% of you are considering touring but haven't started yet - if that's the case, speak to our Exhibitions team, they have a lot of information on the first steps.


One thing I really enjoyed above all else, is that one of our respondents said they would love to have a “tool to review partners” to assess the viability of their exhibition collaborations. That is exactly what Vastari Institutions will evolve to be over time!