Vastari Special Report, Milan

9th of June 2014, the Museo del Novecento hosts the launch conference of Vastari, the online platform that connects curators and collectors for temporary exhibitions loans.

Vastari was presented by Francesca Polo, coordinator of the project in Europe, and followed by a passionate debate on the current relationship and interplay between collectors, dealers and curators. Amongst the speakers are Professor Baia Curioni from Bocconi University, Diego Bergamaschi, contemporary art collector, Laura Feliciotti, curator of Intesa Sanpaolo collection, Alessandra Galasso, contemporary art curator and Claudio Palmigiano, collector and board member of ACACIA.

An enthusiastic group of collectors, curators and experts of the field flocked to the museum for the conference, taking notes during the presentation and bringing different points of view to the conversation with their questions.

“Collectors are eager to share their vision of art through their works”, claims contemporary art collector Diego Bergamaschi, “and Vastari is the platform we were waiting for”.

“Private collections are built through a careful research process and often boast masterpieces of invaluable cultural significance. These works shouldn’t be prevented from being exhibited due to the lack of an efficient communication tool,” states Francesca Polo.

Figure 1: Francesca Polo describes Vastari to the audience.

Vastari provides collectors with a secure platform to “set these works free” and take them from warehouses and free-ports to the walls of major museums worldwide: “Being able to upload works from your collection anonymously and managing correspondence without disclosing any personal details perfectly matches the needs of Italian collectors, who are traditionally extremely private” says Palmigiano.

Figure 2: Claudio Pamigiano describes how ACACIA is handling their collection
in advance of opening a more permanent space

Access to private collections is also a key element in the curatorial practice. Budget cuts and a public that is becoming more and more sophisticated in its taste, represent new challenges for curators. "[I like that] Vastari gives curators access to fresh exhibition material and stimulates new unexpected connections”, claims Alessandra Galasso, contemporary art curator.

Figure 3: Dr. Laura Feliciotti discusses her previous
exhibiting experience with a collection of over 10,000 works of art.

With top experts analysing the context in which Vastari is operating and such an engaged audience the conference has proved the scale of the problem that the platform is addressing and indicates enthusiasm from the Italian market.

View the full conference on Youtube below.