Vastari is organizing monthly sessions to discuss the present and future of blockchain and what this technology can offer other than banking and financial services.

On the 15th of February 2018, we celebrated the first session with the collaboration of Fieldfisher, who offered a great space to host the event and London & Partners who were a media partner for the event.

Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt and a Blockchain enthusiast with 10+ projects on was the speaker of the session.

Denis gave us a great introduction of “How to get started with Blockchain”, highlighting the important questions and decisions that any company should make when starting a new project including:

  • Does blockchain make sense for my new project?
  • Should I go for a public or private blockchain?
  • Should I set up an in-house team or hire a blockchain consultant?
  • Which one should I use (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, …)?

We also discuss the challenges that we are going to face like the fact that your project is always going to be R&D because the technology is not mature enough and protocols and algorithms are constantly evolving, so online blockchain communities are going to be the main source of information.

Another topic that was discussed was about the performance of blockchain systems in comparison to traditional ones and that we really need to be aware about the cost of each transaction.

The session was followed by interactive discussion where the audience could not only ask questions but also share their opinion and perceptions of this new technology.

If you are interested in attending to the next event, we will keep you informed in upcoming posts.

Hope to see you at our next session!