How China is Quietly Changing the Balance of Power in the Art World

Interesting read by Alexandre Errera at that gives an insight as to what is yet to come with China becoming a major player in the art world. Until recently, China played an important role in the art world in regards to Chinese art. However, we are increasingly noting how more and more Chinese collectors and museums are attracted to Western art. 

Not only this, but an exponential growth in private museums as explained in the following quote, shows how quickly China is catching up. Some might feel that this is an overstatement yet as Errera explains, China does have 5000 years of rich history, so this should not come as a surprise nor be taken as a threat: 

“Looking at the rise of private museums in China is also quite telling. In 2012, about one museum per day was opened in China; in 2013, this number rose to 451, and 2014 is set for a new record. China’s goal was to have 3,500 museums by 2015 – it now has about 4,000.”

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