“We want to find the connections between the different parts of the world because the world is so much more connected now, compared to how it was 50 years ago”, says Aldo Rubino, the Founder and Executive Director of Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires (MACBA). Founded on Rubino’s permanent collection, Rubino approached Vastari about finding partners for their latest exhibition, Geometric Obsession.

Geometric Obsession is a contemporary art exhibition that questions the complex array and tendencies of geometric abstraction art that emerged in the United States after World War II. Anchored in the investigations of the hard-edge style, this exhibition gives pre-eminence to optical art, color schools, light, space and minimal artists as well as new tendencies of contemporary American artists. This exhibition includes works by 70 artists and encompasses a large selection of paintings, sculptures and optical pieces.


Emerging from a collection with an international outlook, Geometric Obsession focuses on a balance of art from South America, the United States of America and Europe. Rubino, explained in an interview conducted by Vastari that the exhibition is curated in this manner because he is quite interested in how the different parts of the world express themselves, and as mentioned before, he is trying to find the connections between different parts of the world today.

One of MACBA’s larger goals is to expand their audience - more specifically their international audience. The museum’s collection sets them apart from other museums in Argentina because the majority of their collection is of international contemporary art. Rubino expands further explaining that “it is very rare for South American museums to have international collections because they usually have artists in their collections that come from the country in which the museums are, or nearby countries.” MACBA’s expansion strategy also includes ensuring that Argentinian artists participate in international exhibitions around the world in order to gain exposure.

Geometric Obsession revisits most of the work of the artists that were presented in the exhibition The Responsive Eye - a groundbreaking exhibit at MOMA held in 1965. MACBA’s exhibition pays homage to a pioneering vision that introduced geometric and optical art to the public, as well as the color movements in the USA during post war period. Jo Baer, Francis R. Hewitt and James Turrell are some of the artists that are involved in this exhibition.

When discussing MACBA’s future plans, Rubino elaborated on an exhibition named Action <-> Reaction which will include some of their pieces and will take place at the Queens Museum in Rotterdam in September. They will also continue working on their larger goal of inviting greater international exposure to Geometric Abstraction.

More information on Geometric Obsession can be found on the Vastari Platform.