“…a great way to discover the fabulous parts of Brazil and Brazilian art the media rarely talks about even while we host the Olympic Games” 

Since October 2015, Joao Correia, our partner in Brazil, is supporting Fiotim - the moving museum - an original and fun art truck created by the artist Jorge Fonseca. This is a different type of travelling exhibition!

Correia describes:

“The project blurs the boundaries between high art and popular culture, raises questions about institutional reach, and presents the Brazilian baroque tradition under a new light. It also brings reflections about authorship and identity in contemporary art with a lot of good humour and irony.

Fiotim presents inside it an exhibition of miniatures of the pavilions of the Inhotim Institute by renowned artists such as Adriana Varejão, Matthew Barney and Dan Graham.”

Here is what its inside looks like:


Interior of Fiotim with miniatures of pavilions.

“At the beginning of July the artist decided to get together with another couple of artists to take Fiotim for a trip. This was the beginning of an ambitious caravan scheduled to stop in 21 cities in 9 states all over Brazil, on its way from the historical city of Ouro Preto to São Paulo.”

See the map below.


“In this caravan, Fiotim will increase the reach of the public knowledge about the pavilions of the Inhotim Institute (other artists represented in the Institute are Helio Oiticica, Tunga and Chris Burden) and also about the São Paulo Biennial, since its arrival in São Paulo is scheduled to the week of the launch of the São Paulo Biennial.

If you are good with Portuguese, there is an interview you can listen to, at the CBN radio about the Fiotim project: 


Setember 7th, Jorge Fonseca with the Fiotim crew, which includes the daughter of the artist, a drag queen, a sculptor and an artist in residence will arrive for a presentation for guests at a warehouse in São Paulo, at the district of Barra Funda.

Should you be in town at the time, you are invited to join us. Alternatively, you canfollow the project on Facebook, Bernadine. Many of its presentations are broadcasted live and it is very touching to see how the public reacts and play with Jorge’s relational pieces each time it stops.

This is very amusing if you have been to Inhotim. But if you haven’t it is a strong call to look up and discover one of the world’s most impressive private museums.

It is also a great way to discover fabulous parts of Brazil and Brazilian art the media rarely talks about even while we host the Olympic Games.”

Fiotim - the moving museum - at Praça dos Cariris, in Pirapora. Minas Gerais.