Are you interested in how other museums use Vastari to find loans?
Below, we take a look at one of our most recent European colloborations.

In March 2019, Vastari were introduced to the curatorial team at Kunsthalle Tübingen by the Director of a fellow Kunsthalle in Germany. We had collaborated with them on many occasions, and they felt that Kunsthalle Tübingen would find the Vastari platform a useful tool. It is great when our existing customers are happy to connect us with their network.

Kunsthalle Tübingen were looking for objects for their upcoming exhibition Comeback: Art Historical Renaissances, which opens in July 2019, and wanted to explore the platform to see if any other works existed in priavte collections that would fit their exhibition narrative.

After creating an account, they discovered a few pieces that suited their show, and and were connected with owners of these works shortly after. The Vastari team also conducted off-line work to find objects that may be of interest, and on this occasion found and offered an extra fifteen works to the museum for consideration.

The next day, the curator showed an interest in one of the works proposed. They were introduced and discussions surrounding loan logistics began.

On this occasion, the institution found and secured a loan within one week of joining the platfom - an unheard of timeframe for securing a loan at public institutions.

We later sat down with Dr. Nicole Fritz of Kunsthalle Tübingen to ask her some questions about the Vastari platform, and her experienece so far...

Vastari (V) : How did you hear about our platform?
Dr. Nicole Fritz (NF): I was approached directly by the team at Vastari after my contact details were shared by a colleague.

V: What interested you in the platform?
NF: 'I was interested in the chance to get to know new artists and find new works, using it as a research tool outside of the work we had already conducted'.

V: What do you think are the biggest benefits of borrowing from private collections?
NF:'I think that the best part of borrowing from private collections is the chance to get to know new and interesting collectors'.

V: What do you find are the biggest challenges in borrowing from private collections?
NF: 'Organising and handling the loan of an object from a private collector is by far the biggest challenge'.

V: Were you looking for specific objects when you joined or were you just interested in the platform?
NF: No, I informed Ruby [(from the Vastari team)] about the forthcoming exhibition and got interesting suggestions.

V: What can Vastari offer the museum world, that is new or different from current practice?
NF: It is an interesting network which we can share, to locate new or not-before-seen works.

This was a great example of how our technology helped the existing plans of the museum, to secure new collaborations that would have otherwise not been possible. If you are interested in using Vastari to find loans, then browse our collection of objects free of charge here.