"Co-production, ready-made content, public-private partnerships and technological advances are all developing trends in the touring exhibition market. But the question that is raised again and again is whether the effort, the expense and the risks involved make these exhibitions a sustainable option for venues.  With more and more demand from emerging markets and the cuts to government funding worldwide, what will the touring exhibitions of the future look like? Are they a viable option for museums to continue to attract audiences and generate revenues?"

We just opened a Lab on the European Cultural Foundation's Lab website, asking these questions regarding the future of temporary exhibitions.

ECFLabs, an innovative resource, stimulates debate and inspires people from around the EU to discuss interesting questions surrounding the importance of art and the future of the culture sector.

Not only is it a beautifully designed resource, but there are more and more interesting articles being posted there. We really suggest you check out the website and share your thoughts today.

The ECF is an organisation founded in Geneva in 1954, inspired by the fact that post-war Europe needed culture to rebuild itself. More than 60 years on, it continues to innovate and ask hard-hitting questions to promote art and culture throughout the EU.