While working for the art dealers Trinity House, Bernadine Bröcker was struck by how difficult it was for collectors and curators to share information with each other directly about possible exhibition loans.

The practice of loaning a work to an institutional exhibition should, of course, be mutually beneficial – for the collector it adds valuable provenance to a work, raising its profile, and for themed exhibitions, curators obviously need access to works that are normally kept behind closed doors.

Aside from collectors contacting curators to remind them of their collection and curators using their contacts to find out about what works lie within which private collections, there have been few opportunities to share details.

So in January Bernadine launched the website Vastari.com to connect collectors with curators and facilitate exhibition loans. It covers a range of genres and periods, from fine art to natural history, and while the majority of members are European and American collectors and curators, Bernadine is also looking to include ‘those in emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East who may be less acquainted with the exhibition loans process.’

For security reasons, these works are listed anonymously and the object details are viewable only by curators from accredited non-profit institutions, who are ‘verified by the Vastari team’.

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