As you might have heard, we are in the process of producing one of the most ambitious undertakings in the museum-sector; the inaugural Global Institutions Insight Report. With an expected total of 500 respondents to our survey, this report will compare multiple key indicators as to how the museum industry operates. My first article outlined the reasons for producing this report, whilst my second article outlined the reasons for participating. This post will provide a precursor as to what you might expect in the report.

In order to provide a useful report to museums around the globe, I had to ensure that the data which we were gathering was relevant. Therefore, a strategy was devised for the survey whereby the information which we gathered was divided into five distinct sections with a minimum of six questions each. A detailed outline of the sections will be available in the report; however, I can share the relevancy of the five topics. The five sections are: basic information (such as size and number of employees), information for curators, information for exhibition departments, decision-making process of museums and more information about exhibition production. Essentially we want to ensure that this report will be valuable for every department of a museum.

Moreover, our aim is to create advanced findings that would be engaging to all museum professionals. For a basic example, we are asking questions such as how many employees work at your institution? And how long in advance does it take to plan for an exhibition. With these two separate questions we can deduce whether there tends to be a longer or shorter process for arranging an exhibition, depending on number of employees. This example is just one of many that will be illustrated in the full report; however, we are attempting to produce various aggregated statistics, which might be useful to the way your museum operates.

In light of the plethora of responses, to our initial survey, our goal is that this report becomes a recurring publication that we share with our members and contributors each year.

The evolution to making our sector increasingly up-to-date is one that we can undertake altogether – museums, institutions, collectors and exhibition producers. Ultimately, the goal of this report is to two-fold, to inspire more contributors and to be useful to those who have contributed.

We hope this report can be used as a stepping stone - by advancing our industry towards a more unified future.