Boniers Kunsthalle installation shot of Andreas Erikkson’s exhibition

It’s windy and it’s grey… very grey. February in London might not be the most colourful month. Therefore, Vastari’s team has collected 7 exhibitions that we hope will add some jazzy pigments to your winter blues. Gather your friends, grab your high heels or your boots, it’s time to hit the town!

This month, Aurora has collected a guide for you with fabulous works and cocktails. A Swede studying contemporary art, she naturally likes to go to the contemporary art shows, even at the commercial galleries and auction houses. But she’s also selected a few gems of exhibitions about 18th & 19th century artists - and the best places to grab a drink afterwards.

Andreas Eriksson – Stephen Friedman Gallery
“Röta, Bråka, Skäckta och Häckla”, 

10 Feb - 12 March. 25-28 Old Burlington Street

The exhibition consists of colourful abstract paintings and tapestries by the Swedish artist Andreas Eriksson. Inspired by earlier Swedish artists from the 19th century he is exploring the nature that surrounds us. But rather than comparing the nature to an embodiment of the human and the nation, he is separating the space so it becomes neutral. Through Eriksson’s work, nature becomes a place of reflection instead of projection.

9 Conduit Street, 
London W1S 2XG

Only 0.2 miles from Stephen Friedman you can visit Sketch!, the art-inspired bistro/restaurant/afternoon-tea/bar you won’t forget. Rest your feet in the pink bar or reflect on your thoughts from Eriksson’s exhibition in the lecture room - and you can also discover the art that is displayed at Sketch! - they ask a new artist to decorate their dining room every few years and it currently houses works by David Shrigley.


Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction 

10 Feb. 34-35, New Bond Street

For a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, visit Sotheby’s latest Contemporary Art evening auction that takes place on 10th of February. A juicy yellow Lucio Fontana or a blue Yves Klein is a great way to add some colour to your home. You can also visit the auction house before the sale if you just looking for some inspiration. The highlights of this month’s sale are a gigantic work by Gerhard Richter and Lucien Freud’s portrait of a pregnant girl.

Sotheby’s Auction House: Lucky for you, they have a restaurant in the entrance. It is a great way to take a pause from all the impressions.


Gagosian Gallery “Avedon Warhol”
9 Feb -23 April. 6-24 Britannia Street

Richard Avedon and Andy Warhol are still echoing in the contemporary arts. With their portraiture they did not only capture the faces of icons in Hollywood, but also captured the society per se. The playfully critique to the society’s mass consumption takes form from photography to silk screenings. If you have friends that are new to art this is an excellent show to introduce them to!

GHN Bar Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross St Pancras Station, Pancras Road

Longing for New York after the exhibition? Get the traveling-vibe at GHN Bar at Kings Cross. Take an American whiskey and settle down in the Paris-Manhattan inspired atmosphere.


National Gallery “Delacroix And The Rise Of Modern Art”, 17 Feb - 22 May, Trafalgar Square

Delacroix was a known artist during his time and created famous works such as Liberty Leading the People and The Raft of the Medusa. His work had a huge impact on later artists which National Gallery want to acknowledge in their exhibition. Prepare for an art-exploding adventure!

Boyds Grill & Wine Bar, 8 Northumberland Avenue

Want to keep the Bourgeois feeling after National Gallery’s amazing entrance? No problem, visit Boyds! They are re-opening now in February and are known for their broad range of wines!


Frith Street “Tell It Slant”, 

12 Feb -29 April, Soho Square

11 artists have been brought together for Frith Street Gallery. With backgrounds in both urban landscapes and outskirts they have used crispy colours and various mediums to create abstract works that reflect on their ideas. The progress of working and how to produce the art is an evident key in their artistry’s.

Ducksoap, 41 Dean Street

This bar and restaurant might be hard to find due to its anonymous entrance, but it is definitely worth a visit! Sit by the bar, order a glass of wine and eat their delicious oysters! It’s a minimalistic Scandinavian feeling in the interior that provides a fantastic start for your night!  


Royal Academy of Arts “Painting The Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse”, 

30 Jan - 20 April, 6 Burlington Gardens

The RA opened the exhibition quite recently, but we think that it still fit into our list. With lush gardens and dazzling flowers this is an exhibition that you must visit in grey-not-so-fun-February! With a bold brushstrokes, the impressionism artists developed the arts and the bohemian lifestyle. The RA has displayed 120 works within their dashing halls – can you imagine?

The Shenkman Bar – The Keepers House in Royal Academy of Arts

If the gardens inspired you during the exhibition you should definitely visit The Shenkman Bar. The bar opens up to The Keepers Garden where you also can admire the fifth plinth by David Nash RA. Sipping a tropical drink you can at least imagine that it is warmer.



Sprüth Magers “Edward and Nancy Kienholz”, 

ends 20 Feb, 7A Grafton Street

Edward and Nancy are most known for their artworks between 1960-1980 where they were criticizing the profound morale that was produced by the government and the corporations in the US during these times. They draw attention to the events and made people to ask themselves, what they could do to change their actions. A lot of the pieces that are shown are rarely exhibited, definitely a last chance and worth seeing!

Sexy Fish, Berkeley Square House

Let’s wrap up the last cocktail-bar and restaurant with something extra artsy! Frank Gehry, Damien Hirst and Michael Roberts – do we have to say more? It is an Asian seafood restaurant, but you can of course enjoy the bar with one of the world’s largest Japanese whiskey collections!

Special thanks to Aurora for her help spotting fun things to do in London in February.