This webinar explores the impacts of the pandemic on couriers in the exhibitions industry. Prior to 2020, many loans and exhibition tours required couriers to travel with the objects in order to ensure that the transport and installation followed the lender’s standards. Due to the issues that arose for travelling during the pandemic including quarantine requirements and cancelled flights, many installations were conducted over video and artworks travelled with what some have come to call “virtual couriers”.

Is this a lasting change? What are the benefits of using technology for monitoring artwork travel, versus requiring a museum or collection representative to make the journey? Listen to this expert panel debate the environmental, technological and conservational concerns plus what we see for the future of couriering.

John Thomas Robinette - Art & Artifacts Collections Management

For 9 years John worked for the renowned Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros in New York. He now works as a freelance registrar, collections manager, speaker, and consultant whose clients include prominent museums, foundations, and private collections both in the city and around the world. He served on the board of the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists (ARCS) from 2017–2020 and hosts a regular live chat and podcast called #ARCSchat that discusses questions pertaining to collections care. He also moderates a webinar for For the Love of Art that addresses issues in shipping and managing objects of cultural heritage resulting from the pandemic. Lastly, he is the founder of Opus Cultura, an online portal that facilitates the finding and hiring of collections care professionals around the world. Opus will officially launch later in 2021.

Mackenzie Garrity - Chief Commercial Officer, Articheck

Mackenzie Garrity is a full stack lifecycle strategist who has driven growth in technology startups on 3 continents. Her industry experience ranges from sustainable robotics to digital business education. She has launched brands on the global market in 63 countries. Mackenzie has a bachelor’s degree in Art History and a masters in International Marketing. She is also an adjunct professor of Business and Communications. Mackenzie is responsible for the Sales and Marketing teams at Articheck.

Clare Mitchell - Director, Mitchell Heritage Limited

Clare is a collections management specialist with strong experience gained from over 20 years of working within the heritage sector. She has the skills, knowledge and passion to help others with the practicalities and pressures of looking after a collection. Clare has been able to draw upon her deep insight into the role of museums and galleries, the way they share and give access to their collections and how best to preserve and enhance objects for the future to benefit her many clients and projects.

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