August 21st 2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and the end of Prague Spring; the brief period of liberalisation in Czechoslovakia under the reformer, Alexander Dubcek.

It began on January 5th 1968, when Dubcek took over as leader of the Communist Party (KSC). Dubcek’s Government announced a new model of socialism describing it as “socialism with a human face.” This new model removed state control over industry and allowed freedom of speech. However, this model only lasted a short 4 months as the revolution began to run out of control and Dubcek edged away from his action plan.

Czech photographers, took this opportunity to document the series of events that took place during Prague Spring. The documentation was in the form of black-and-white photographs and videos. This collection, produced by 25 prominent Czech photographers is part of an exhibition named PRAGUE SPRING 1968 - '69 curated by Dana Kyndrovà. Some of these photographers include Jan Bartůšek, Miroslav Martinovský and Vladimír Lammer. One of the works - a documentary, combining video and official footage of the events on the streets of Prague, was part of the exhibition shown at the Police Museum in Prague in 2005.

More information on PRAGUE SPRING 1968 - '69, can be found on the Vastari Exhibitions platform.