Even if it doesn’t seem like it yet, spring is approaching us and so it is time for you to visit some more amazing art in the galleries of London!

At Vastari Group, we have listed seven exhibitions that we hope will make you survive this chilly March. As this month’s bonus, Aurora and Sarah have also included seven quirky food-places and pop-ups (relatively) near the exhibitions that we hope will light up your day. So, put on your black turtleneck and your sassy trainers because you are up for some lush adventures!


Hilma af Klint – Serpentine Gallery “Painting The Unseen”
15 March 16- 15 May 16
Kensington Gardens

The Swedish painter Hilma af Klint was truly at the forefront of her time. Her abstract paintings, which explore spirituality, were first shown in 1986, 44 years after her death in 1944. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Stockholm in 1887 and was then a student of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner. She feared that the European avant-garde would not be ready to receive her work and therefore decided that her artworks wouldn’t be allowed to be shown for the 20 years following her death. This March you can see her amazing art at the Serpentine Gallery in collaboration with Moderna Museet’s director Daniel Birnbaum. It is modern art that belongs in the contemporary world.


Kerstin Brätsch & Adele Röder– Serpentine Sackler Gallery “DAS INSTITUT”
3 March 2016 - 15 May 2016
Kensington Gardens

A collaboration between the artists Kerstin Brätsch and Adele Röder has led to an expressive way of re-evaluating the notion of communication between individuals in what they call DAS INSTITUT. Through Brätsch’s studies of bodily expressions and Röder’s use of symbols in non-verbal language, they examine the transition of the body and its perception in time and space.
We also recommend you to visit the public talk with DAS INSTITUT and the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist on 3 March at 7.00 pm. This exhibition is going to be an interesting contrast to Hilma af Klint’s paintings, though Klint’s artistic practice shares an uncommon way of communicating. This will be a good brain-work-out, we promise!

Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road

Let’s start with savoury food: Fancy trying a different type of pastry? You should order Harrods’ Goat’s cheese éclairs. A French éclair would usually be filled with chocolate or coffee cream… Yummy or yucky?


Sandro Botticelli – Victoria & Albert Museum “Botticelli Reimagined”
5 March 2016 - 3 July 2016
Cromwell Road

Don’t have the feeling of summer sweeping in yet? Take a stroll to the V&A and admire Sandro Botticelli’s glowing artworks. A lot of creative people have been inspired by the artist for over 500 years, and you have now a chance to see his work in curated dialogue with other artists such as David LaChapelle, William Morris, Cindy Sherman and so on. This will be the biggest Botticelli exhibition since 1930, so don’t miss it!

The Diner, 105 Gloucester Road

If you can’t decide whether to have dinner or dessert this is the perfect place for you. At The Diner you can order their amazing Buttermilk Fried Chicken with waffles and maple syrup! Lucky for you, the restaurant is a 12 minute walk away, meaning you are going to deserve the Fried-Chicken-Maple-Syrup-Waffle when you arrive!


Sterling Ruby - Sprüth Magers
“Work Wear: Garment and Textile Archive 2008 – 2016”
11 March 2016 - 9 April 2016

Sterling Ruby is one of the most interesting contemporary artists due of his way of mixing popular culture and art history through various mediums. The process of creating art is Ruby’s core artistry. Within the process of making art, he is addressing the conflicts within individual desire, social structures and earlier art movements in a satirical way. Through his search with mediums such as fabric, he constantly deconstructs and reconfigures the idea and desire of a non-hierarchal society. Smart, funny but serious.

Wafflemeister, 369 Oxford Street

Waffles, Mini Oreo Cookies, Whipped cream and chocolate fudge…. Dessert-heaven has landed on Oxford street, only a ten minute walk from Sprüth Magers. Oh, did we forget to mention the Oreo cookies- milkshake? Sorry, bye bye diet.


James Coleman - Marian Goodman,
4 March 2016 - 16 April 2016
5-8 Lower John Street

Marian Goodman will present some of his earlier work and two new pieces at James Coleman’s this March. It is a conceptual reflection on how the viewer creates meaning through subjects as sensuality, economy and desire. As a result, this forces the viewer to patiently observing each piece in order to be able to fully enjoy it. The works consists of slides, films, videos and audio works. When walking through the exhibition, we will be aware of the way we move into the space. This is an excellent exhibition for you who wants to slow down from London’s busy streets and reconsider the joy of looking at art. It is the art of watching art.


Bao, 53 Lexington Street

Last year’s most-wanted was Bao. Hopefully it’s easier now to fetch Bao’s fluffy steamed buns filled with tender pork. If you are tired after the exhibition you can always take a nap on the buns, yes they are that soft.


National Portrait Gallery “Russia and the arts”,
17 March 2016 - 26 June 2016
St Martins Place

Imagine yourself travelling back to a time with characters of the stature of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and the whole elite of the Russian cultural scene between 1867-1914. Now you have a chance to view impressive representations of them at the National Portrait Gallery. The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow has provided the amazing show that consists of pieces from Russian realism, impressionism and the symbolic paintings of the Russian Empire. It will be a captivating experience where you can discover Russia’s prominent role within the art world.

Yolkin (can currently be visited at) Whaam Banh Mi 40 Great Windmill St.

Organic Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches. Delicious and instagram-friendly! Also a great way of choosing something organic and local to support the pop-up-community.


Channa Horwitz - Raven Row, 160310-160501,

56 Artillery Lane

The themes for this month’s list have been a movement through time and space (we hope that the trainers will add some use to these metaphors). So to wrap up with the last exhibition, and prepare yourself for Channa Horwitz exhibition at Raven Row. Horwitz was one of the pioneers of Californian minimalism in the 1960-1970’s where she worked with different mediums. Just like Hilma af Klint, she gained attention at the end of her life and was also examining her artistic freedom. Horwitz used to number her works between 1-8 in colour systems: This will be activated in the gallery space through music, dance and workshops.



Beigel Shop, 155 Brick Lane

We might be a week to late in the mash-up-food-feed but we still want to praise the rainbow beigels. Rainbow-sprinkles, unicorn, funfetti, unicorn, candyfloss, unicorn and sugar…and unicorns. That is our guess on what these beigels consist of.



Sarah Lacombe