Three years after the first Art + Tech Summit at Christie’s in London exploring blockchain, what has happened? A non-fungible token artwork by American digital artist Beeple sold for $69m, two days after Vastari hosted a webinar on NFT’s and digital art. The panel will look at how the 2018 summit impacted the market and the subsequent expansions. What has happened to the three use cases presented at the summit: registration, digital art and tokenisation?

The panel explored whether the landscape is different in Asia, North America and Europe. Given this talk occurred two days before Earth Day - our panel also discussed the environmental impact of blockchain technology, and how the industry is correcting it.

Elliot Safra

Elliot Safra is a partner at AndArt Agency, a creative agency focused on unleashing synergies between global brands and the art world. Prior to AndArt Agency he was Senior Director of Global Strategy for Lévy Gorvy and worked in the UK Chairman's Office at Christie's. Safra also serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. He started his NFT art collection in 2018.

Qinwen Wang

Qinwen Wang is the Producer of Virtual Niche, the world’s first crypto art exhibition in UCCA lab. She has been a continuous supporter and contributor for Christie's Art & Tech Summit Initiative, and launched the Art & Tech online course. Wang has spoken at Bahrain Art Week, APEC Women Connect, Shanghai West Bund Art Fair and Christie's Art & Tech Summit on how Web3.0 technology (especially blockchain) will boost the Art world.

Anne Bracegirdle

Anne Bracegirdle is the US Head of Sales for Convelio. Bracegirdle before working at Convelio was the Senior Director or Special Projects at Superblue, the Photography Specialist at Christie's and internal lead for the Art + Tech Summit alongside Elliot Safra. She specialises in innovative tech solutions for the creative world.

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